Family Physician

A physician who will address all your medical concerns and diagnoses. He/she will work alongside many specialists when required and will keep your medical records confidential.


Walk-in Services

We provide walk-in services when required by our patients. Patients may walk into our clinic when they are able even during regular clinic hours.


Women’s Health

We provide services for women’s health such as gynecological exams.


Chronic Disease Management and Dietician:

We help manage and treat long lasting, non-reversible diseases. These conditions often require examinations, prescriptions, and information to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Employment and Insurance Medicals

East Hills Family Medical Clinic provides employment medical check-ups. We provide convenient and comprehensive medical care for the employers and employees. Because we recognize that the health of employees is integral to their performance at work.



Pediatric Care

We provide healthcare to patients of all ages which includes the pediatric patients. We recognize that the health concerns you have for your children are different than that of adults. Our physicians will ensure that your children receive the best care and treatment.


Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Care

We provide pre-natal and post-natal care for expecting mothers and their newborns. Patients are transferred to obstetricians for the final 3 months of gestation.


Drivers Medical Exam

We provide drivers physical exams in accordance with the Alberta Ministry of Transportation rules and regulations. Drivers may book an appointment by phoning the clinic.


Annual Physical Exam

Full physical exams should be booked by patients once a year. These yearly physical examinations allow for the physicians to assess the patient’s health, renew and update prescription medicines, as well as discuss preventative health care catered to the patient’s medical needs.


Vaccinations and Immunizations

Our physicians provide any vaccinations and immunizations for patients ranging from influenza vaccinations to tetanus vaccines.

Workers’ Compensation Board

East Hills Family Medical Clinic provides WCB services for the injured workers to receive medical diagnosis and care urgently. WE focus on helping the patient return to work quickly with an emphasis on rehabilitation.